Functional medicine is an exciting new area of healthcare that focuses on the body's systems and how they interact with one another. This means functional practitioners will take into consideration your genetic makeup, diet habits as well as past medical history when treating you for any illness or injury so our treatments can be tailored specifically to what works best in this regard.

Functional medicine counselors use an array of specialized techniques to find the root causes and prevention for complex illnesses. They may investigate multiple factors causing a condition, or they might look into both conditions that cause one symptom each time it occurs in somebody's life.

A list of some popular types would be Acupuncture which has been shown time after time it helps relieve pain; Naturopathy provides treatment through natural sources like herbs while Massage Therapy uses massage techniques such as reflexology all aimed at reducing stress levels among other things via physical contact.

Functional medicine is a more holistic approach to healthcare. It takes into consideration the entire body and how nature influences it, while naturopathy centers around normal cures for common ailments or conditions with little research behind them.

Conventional medicine merely examines individual symptoms and presumes that they're related to various body parts. Functional Medicine permits you and the practitioner to examine those same ailments, in order to establish what systems may be affected by them.

Functional Medicine Health coaches are an integral part of the functional medicine team. They help patients make healthy changes, set goals and provide achievable steps to maintain those habits for long-term success! Just like our clinicians do at their appointments - a health coach also ensures that you feel heard so your voice can be included in this journey together.

Functional Medicine Health coaches are the key to making healthy lifestyle behavior change happen. They use their fluency in functional medicine principles and motivational strategies, which qualify them as an expert on how best to motivate people towards achieving goals that will lead toward better health for themselves or others around them.

A partnership with a functional medicine health coach can optimize your practice's workflow by increasing the available time providers have to perform tasks they're uniquely qualified for. Utilizing coaches in this way improves patient-provider relationships, reduces costs and increases loyalty while helping you achieve better long term outcomes overall - especially when it comes to functional medicine practices where lifestyle changes are part of what makes many treatments successful!

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